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the history of a very original Group
Visual Arts Section
It's been more than 30 years since, in 1984, after ten years of close informal collaboration, seven artists of the territory of Saccisica (Stefano Baschierato, Argentino Della Regina, Alberto Fabris, Giuseppe Lotto, Umberto Marinello, Luciano Schiavon and Adriano Stramazzo) have decided to have a stable form of association creating the “GRUPPO ARTISTI DELLA SACCISICA” (Artist Group of Saccisica), based in Piove di Sacco, in the province of Padua.
Immediately the seven founding members made an important decision: they would be not a closed but, on the contrary, an open Association; therefore they invited artists from the same territory (around Piove di Sacco) to join the Group.
But, in a short time, many other artists, residing in various parts of the region Veneto, asked to join our Group. The primitive members, in the belief that it was absurd to impose territorial limits to art, have decided to open even to them.
This has led to the first Biennale of Art Saccisica 1985 with 25 exhibitors.
A few months earlier, two young artists, Lucia and Paola Molin, died in a serious car accident; our Group, in the first Biennale, wanted to reserve a section in the exhibition displaying their works.
In the following years, on a Giuseppe Lotto’s idea, the Group has established, every 2 years, the Prize Paola and Lucia Molin, entrusting its care to the art critic Giorgio Segato of Padua. Giorgio Segato, managing that Prize, has led to Piove di Sacco artists of international standing which gave credibility and prestige to our Association.
Since 1985 we began an intense activity with exhibitions, conferences, debates, publications and cultural exchanges with the reality of other areas, in Italy and abroad.
This activity was made possible not only thanks to the constant and disinterested members of the board, but also thanks to the cooperation and support of Municipality of Piove di Sacco, of Pro Loco and of the Province of Padua.

It's known that the beginnings are always difficult, but our Group has found fertile ground: Bruno Luciano Sanavia, first as mayor and then as a Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Piove di Sacco, has supported immediately our efforts. Also Giacomo Chinello, president of Pro Loco, very sensitive and lover of art, has established with us a relationship of close and lasting collaboration that continued with Lorenzo Girardi and now with Ginetta Cecconello, who succeeded him.
But every activities needs funds and our Group has found - in the Rural and Artisan Bank of Piove of Sacco (now Banca di Credito Cooperativo) - an important support, without which it would be impossible to achieve many of our cultural initiatives.
The directors of that Bank, Adriano Martini, before, and now Leonardo Toson, have assured a steady support that continues thanks to the sensitivities of their presidents.
In the wave of credibility, acquired thanks precisely to these collaborations and the level of the events we promote, our Group also enjoyed contributions from several private sponsors, so that our initiatives have been able to continue over time without major difficulties.
Palace Gradenigo, the most beautiful Villa of Piove di Sacco, thanks to caretaker/manager Guido Milani, was the seat of the first exhibitions. Later, mayor Sanavia created the Center for Art and Culture of Piove di Sacco that has become the natural home of all our activities.
Literary Section
In 1989, due to some artists who wished to express themselves with the written word,
it was decided to established the Literary Section of our Group, originally consisting of six elements.
The first publication, in 1990, was a very small notebook with about twenty pages. Already in the following year the notebook has changed its face and contents, assuming the current size and name: “Quaderno di Poesia”, with twice the number of poets. Since then, the Literary Section has been enriched yearly up about 25 poets of different towns of the Province of Padua and Venice. The monthly meetings have become true poetry workshops and the Notebook of Poetry, which is published in the Christmas period, is the result of these meetings and relationships.
Main Activities
For several years the Group has, among artists and poets, about fifty members (someone goes and others coming); it operates in collaboration with the Culture Department of the Municipality of Piove di Sacco; it organizes exhibitions and literary meetings and promotes cultural exchanges.
Some events have become a fixed appointment:
-         Biennial Art (16th edition, this year), that moves in several neighbouring cities, ending its cycle in Padua;
-         Biennial Prize Paola and Lucia Molin (15 editions) which, after the death of Giorgio Segato, is curated by Rossella Delaidini;
-         Festivities in Art, the small size Visual Art exhibition at Christmas time;
-         Notebook of Poetry, presented at Christmas time too (26th edition, this year);
-         Twinning Exhibitions, every other year, with the Bavarian Artists of Senden.
A lot of artists and poets have taken part to the activities of our Group and several who have exhibited in our city.
The Steering Group has always tried to ensure valuable initiatives; to become a promoter and ambassador of culture; to concur to improving the quality of life by offering opportunities of acculturation, awareness and education in beauty. He did this by creating meetings between artists, writers and audience and will continue to do so in the belief that Art and Poetry are extraordinary vehicles for the enrichment of human relationships.
July 2015                                                                                            Umberto Marinello
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